TBD: Author's note: Birthsigns influence personality, birthyears influence fate and destiny, birthstones influence both strengths and weaknesses, and the saints are just the saints that are believed to watch over the individual.


The Cathedral

The Beast

The Minstrel

The Sirdo

Those born under the sign of the Sirdo are typically driven, compassionate, and even-tempered.

The Speaker

The Hand

The Knife

The Void

The Ancestor


Year of the Maelstrom

Those born in the Year of the Maelstrom can possibly achieve great things, but to do so they will be forced to endure great hardships and nothing is guaranteed.

Year of the Erken

Year of the Hound

Year of the Bhrostig

Year of the Falcon

Year of the Sierma

Year of the Baset

Year of the Uttamyn

Year of the Tree

Year of the Wind

Year of the Uarsar

Year of the Hart

Year of the Steed

Year of the Whale

Year of the Gilsin

Year of the Bear

Year of the Moth

Year of the Scorpion

Year of the Wheel

Year of the Forge

Year of the Aegron

Year of the Lata

Year of the Star

Year of the Bond


Ankerite - (Dawnstar)

Carnelian - (Ritual)

Malachite - (Goodfeast)

Goethite - (Icenwind)

Opal - (Chillwight)

Lazurite - (Darkstar)

Strength: Leadership

Weakness: Self-Doubt

Azurite - (Frostmorn)

Beryl - (Thaw)

Hessonite - (Seeding)

Diamond - (Rainthrall)

Jade - (Harvest)

Pyrite - (Drought)

Great Saints

St. Bhesa - (1st-12th)

St. Uaik - (13th-24th)

St. Ternïs - (25th-36th)

Patron Saint of Fair Judgement, Laborers, and Sobriety

Minor Saints

St. Homar - (Dawn)

St. Norel - (Height)

St. Ydanrin - (Dwindling)

St. Tygraed - (Evening)

St. Armaanuin - (Late Watches)

Patron Saint of Pilots, Philosophers, and Chemists

St. Ghanabhred - (Temperance)

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