Bekmyn are an intelligent species with whom the Daeghra have formed a symbiotic relationship. Nearly every Daeghra has a Bekmyn "ward" who is their constant companion for likely their entire life.


Bekmyn are small, never taller than one's waist when standing upright. While they can walk like bipeds, they are between evolutionary stages and walk as quadrupeds most of the time.

They look very similar to certain varieties of lemur, save that they have a thick coat of feathers and no tail to speak of.

The variety of colors and markings that Bekmyn come in seems truly unlimited and astounding.


Among themselves, Bekmyn communicate through a combination of pheromones, high pitched chattering noises, lower huffing sounds, and body posture.

However, when communicating with Daeghra, they use a sort of pidgin of Khaltsh, and while sounding odd and unsophisticated, Daeghra and their wards are often able to communicate as easily as with their own species.

Still, Bekmyn lack the level of linguistic ability exhibited by the Daeghra and never really surpass the ability of a young child.

Of note, however, is their common use of echolalia.


The relationship between the Daeghra and the Bekmyn goes back for as long as there are records and can be found even further back in the archaeological record, thus how this special relationship began is an unsolved mystery.

On the surface things might seem one sided with the Bekmyn gaining the most as they get access to all the culture, medicine, technology, protection, resources, and infrastructure the Daeghra have spent ages developing and in return appear to do little but accompany their mentors and do the occasional menial task or chore.

In reality, however, they assist and aide their mentors in many very useful yet subtle ways.

Their amazing sense of smell can read the pheromones given off by Daeghra, giving their mentors added social insight in some situations. Their exceptional hearing and night vision also adds to their mentor's sensory abilities.

They are fast, agile, skilled climbers, and can even glide for small distances making them expert scouts and messengers.

In defense of their mentors, they are also able to emit a noxious scent from a specialized gland beneath their chin that will paralyze and/or render just about anything unconscious except other Bekmyn.

Though they are considered less intelligent than their mentors, Bekmyn have the greatest memories of any known species and can recall even minor details from decades past.

Finally, the pheromone they emit when happy or content has proven to be a good preventative for the Arnazï Blight.

As part of the strict legal code governing the treatment of the Bekmyn to ensure equitable relationships, Bekmyn parents or young Bekmyn themselves have the honor of choosing a mentor for themself or their offspring, usually a young Daeghra child.

Occasionally it becomes traditional for a Bekmyn lineage to pair with members of a Daeghra lineage.