Belerï is the brightest start in the night sky on Khaltotuin and is positioned nearly directly overhead when standing on the equator. It has played very important roles in everything from science to religion, music to philosophy. This is a result of it being a very unique pulsar given that it has a semi-irregular frequency.


Astronomical Data

  • Luminosity: 18.5678
  • Apparent Magnitude: 0.9
  • Mass: 2.1 solar masses
  • Radius: 16km
  • Type: Neutron Star Pulsar (Super Nova Remnant)
  • U-B Color Index: -69
  • B-V Color Index: -0.024
  • Pre-Nova Classification: F-6I
  • Age (As Neutron Star): ~100,000 years
  • Observable Color: Blue-ish White
  • Distance: 5.5ly


Belerï Pulsar Recording

Belerï Pulsar Recording

By itself, the Belerï Pulsar is your average neutron star pulsar producing a steady pulse with every rotation. Each rotation takes 69.44ms which produces a signal at 14.4hz. However, it is considered to be an "irregular" pulsar as it produces a strange staccato pulse instead of a steady one.

This is due to the star's relatively small size and the fact that it is orbited very closely and quickly by several proto-planets much larger than the star and have eccentric orbits, causing them to block the signals from the pulses at semi-irregular intervals which eventually do repeat in the same order every 32 pulses. In total, 11 of these 32 pulses are blocked in the pattern of 000-0-000-0-000-000-0-000-0-0-0- where 0 represents a signal and - represents a lack of signal.