The Bhashar were (or are) a secretive agency working directly for Imen-Alïsh before the Loss.


The Bhashar were founded some time during the Tumultuous Epoch as a secret service to Imen-Alïsh. They were to be their eyes and ears among the populace, hidden, secret observers who would not interfere, but simply report back what the people of Khaltotuin felt, thought, and spoke of and how they lived. And this they were for many long years.

Moral Decay

By the Inspired Epoch, however, the Bhashar had ceased to become just observers and now were manipulating the populace using every possible method. They were not even above assassination and torture. Their stated goals were to quell civil disobedience and they vowed to do so by any means necessary.

Known Ranks & Duties


The ultimate ringleader, the Grandmaster of the Bhashar was in charge of it all and their identity was always kept a secret, even from Imen-Alïsh, and known only to the masterminds.


Masterminds acted as the go-betweens between the grandmaster and the cell leaders and personally directed what the Bhashar called "campaigns", large scale operations.


As cell leaders, rooks were in charge of assigning missions, procuring supplies, running the safehouse, and taking care of the less-than-legal business on the side.


Operatives were cell members, usually specializing in one thing or another, who worked alone or rarely as a pair.


Agents worked together in larger groups or provided backup and support for the cell's operatives.


Blackcaps did the actual procurement of supplies and provisions, kept the safehouse, acted as guards, and did most of the shady deals.


Knowns were not technically part of the Bhashar and almost never knew that they were involved with them, but acted as informants or suppliers.


No sooner had Imen-Alïsh gone missing during the Loss, than the entirety of the Bhashar went dark. Most of the safehouses and command centers were burned or bombed, the rest cleaned out and abandoned, and no attempt to contact them was successful.

Possible Continuation

Ever since the disappearance of the Bhashar there have been rumors and vague hints that they are still operating, but nothing conclusive. Most officials deny even the possibility, but those who believe it have one big question, "What are the Bhashar's goals?"