Potentiates are individuals born with some form of innate supernatural power. Some see this as a gift, others a curse.


According to the teachings of Imen-Alïsh, the Daeghra did not always have potentiates. It was only by traversing the Rift into the Second Realm that they gained these powers. Still, potentiates are rather uncommon, with only one in every 2,500 being born with potentiate abilities.


Depending upon the nature of a potentiate's ability or abilities, they are categorized by the Qïrshar into six different types.


An evoker is capable of creating something out of nothing, if even for a short time, and controlling their creation. Typically this involves some form of energy, but it can also take physical forms as well.


A transmuter has the ability to imbue one thing with the energy or properties of another, so long as they are in physical contact with both.


Diviners, in simple forms, are able to not exactly see but sense the future in a variety of ways.


Of all the types of potentiates, mystics are the least well defined and are often a catch-all for anyone who does not fit a typical type. Usually they are able to manipulate physics to some extent, as well as their own bodies, and sense specific things in ways few could understand.


These individuals can possess numerous psychic talents, namely telepathy. They are capable of reading minds, transmitting their thoughts to others (all within a limited range of course). Some very powerful telepaths are even capable of telekinesis.


Of all the varieties of potentiates, summoners can be the most dangerous. Their abilities center upon creating a tiny temporary rift and transporting some intra-rift being into the world. This in and of itself is dangerous, but so long as the summoner maintains concentration, the being or entity is bound to their will. Should the summoner lose concentration, even for a second, the entity is freed and could loose havoc and destruction on its surroundings until the summoner, or any summoner actually, banishes it.

Views and Prejudices

On the whole, across all the many dirmas, the general view of potentiates is less than favorable. While they are not hunted or violently persecuted, they are typically shunned and looked down upon. They are seen as untrustworthy, suspicious, and above all dangerous.

As a result most keep their "gifts" a secret. However, there are some that see potentiates as more than just the average Daeghra, but as saviors, saints, and heroes. They see them as the blessed, an outlook few potentiates share.

The Qïrshar

The Qïrshar are a government agency dedicated to the registration, surveillance, and regulation of all potentiates. While they claim to let potentiates live their lives completely free from intervention, it is well known that the Qïrshar manipulate, intimidate, and oppress their so-called "charges" whenever they see fit.