The Synodic Calendar is the standardized method of tracking and recording time created by the Ecumenical Synod. It is a lunar-solar calendar system with certain numerological aspects.

Daily Timekeeping


The shortest non-decimal measurement of time is the heartbeat, based literally on the average heart rate of the Daeghra heart. One heartbeat is approximately 1.2 seconds.


A moment is equivalent to 60 heartbeats.


An arc (360 moments) is the measure of how long it takes the sun to cover a certain amount of distance in the sky measured from Khaltotuin's equator. There are six arcs, Dawn, Height, Dwindling, Evening, Late Watches, and Temperance.


Phases are groups of three arcs. There are two relatively self-explanatory phases; Day (Dawn, Height, Dwindling), and Night (Evening, Late Watches, Temperance).

Periodic Timekeeping


A cycle represents one full rotation of the planet and begins with the Day phase and ends at the end of the Night phase. One cycle is approximately 1.8 days.


There are 12 months and each of these consists of 36 cycles. They are, in order, beginning on the day of the Summer Solstice:

  1. Dawnstar
  2. Ritual
  3. Goodfeast
  4. Icenwind
  5. Chillwight
  6. Darkstar
  7. Frostmorn
  8. Thaw
  9. Seeding
  10. Rainthrall
  11. Harvest
  12. Drought


One year is the collection of all twelve months and is equal to 432 cycles. Years bear zoodiacal titles, of which there are 24.

  1. Year of the Maelstrom
  2. Year of the Erken
  3. Year of the Hound
  4. Year of the Bhrostig
  5. Year of the Falcon
  6. Year of the Sierma
  7. Year of the Baset
  8. Year of the Uttamyn
  9. Year of the Tree
  10. Year of the Wind
  11. Year of the Uarsar
  12. Year of the Hart
  13. Year of the Steed
  14. Year of the Whale
  15. Year of the Gilsin
  16. Year of the Bear
  17. Year of the Moth
  18. Year of the Scorpion
  19. Year of the Wheel
  20. Year of the Forge
  21. Year of the Aegron
  22. Year of the Lata
  23. Year of the Star
  24. Year of the Bond


An era is a full cycle of all 24 years and is given a number 1-36.


Epochs are collections of 36 eras and are named at their beginning by the Ecumenical Synod based on astrological portents.


An age is a group of 6 epochs and is given a number.

Current Time Period

For writing purposes, it is currently the 2nd Age, Burnished Epoch, 9th Era, Year of the Maelstrom.